Tuesday, 28 May, 2013

Meanwhile, the list of things to do is overwhelming .... the 'getting rid of' file is daunting. I am afraid to open that locker door for fear of a cave-in! And I'd have to fix that chair in order to sell it for anything. But it's been there for four years now. This is gonna be a whole lot of crying.

And the learning curve of what to wear is endless, shoes, backpack, what goes in it, etc. That is heavy research. You get old and don't trust anyone. Is he selling me the costly one or the right one? What does he mean the rails could dig into my hips? I can't stop overnight in Pamplona for a replacement hip! What if the bulls are running that week? Is there somewhere I can get ribs too? See how hard this is getting?

And physical training. We used to walk the Stanley Park seawall on a Sunday, 6 miles around, but that was when we were young and had legs and stamina at 50! We couldn't do it today without snacks at 1 mile, lunch at 2 miles and a Happy Hour drink at whenever a park bench was open! Not sure we could pack a bottle of malt scotch and vodka any more. 
We have slipped into lethargy here and pushed back happy hour to 3 pm and then sleep through the 6 o'clock news! 
I think we need a trainer but those fit trainer guys don't take old people jobs, that's Nurse Ratched therapy not handsome muscle-guy fitness! And we'd dribble on the treadmill and not be able to hang on! 

Never mind, one has to start somewhere. There will be a 'way'.